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A national accreditation organization primarily for managed care and credentialing verification organizations.

Christine S. Mobley
2345 Academy Place
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Phone 719.597.2871
Fax 719.325.7034

A national accreditation organization for healthcare delivery systems and related programs.

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Medical Staff Management — Forms, policies and procedures for healthcare providers

With annual and semi-annual supplements (two-volume manual, 2-sided copies of resources from healthcare organizations nationwide). 1995

Credentialing Handbook — Christine Mobley,
Sheryl Deutsch, 1999

563 page textbook for practitioner credentialing in every health care setting. Get step-by-step guidance and practical tools to complete the credentialing process, evaluate, and verify health care provider credentials.

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edited by Christine S. Mobley, co-edited by Sheryl Deutsch

Educational resources on the cutting edge.

National Healthcare Speakers’ Bureau

Edge-U-Cate is dedicated to providing speakers, programs and educational materials that offer functional information which can be applied directly to the workplace.

National Association Medical Staff Services Logo & Link

a credentialing roundtable that discusses current issues, standards and concerns related to practitioner credentialing.


The recognized preeminent international organization for the development of individuals responsible for managing credentialing, privileging, practitioner/provider organizations, and regulatory compliance in the diverse healthcare industry.

2345 Academy Place, Suite 200, Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Phone 719.597.2871 — Fax 719.325.7034

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